One week down

So I weighed myself yesterday and I’m half a stone down!!
This was the result of one week of juicing, healthy eating and lots of exercise. I’m looking forward to dropping lots more lb’s over the next few weeks!
At the weekend I did have a bit more to eat than I had done in the week but didn’t go overboard.
Goals this week:
– to do some form of exercise each day
– keep the food i eat very low carb
– see more lb’s off on Easter Sunday 🙂


Taking one day at a time


I must say I’m really enjoying looking after my body more and this week has definitely been a good start to the rest of my life. I’m thinking about the whole process of eating rather than just shovelling food into my gob (like usual). I’m thinking of my digestive system so chewing slower and not wanting to clog it with crap food!
Yesterday I socialised twice in the evening without it involving food which was perfect! I went swimming with my sister and had my sister in law and baby nephew around for drinks, chats and cuddles!
I really hope I can continue with my healthy eating mission – I’m not just thinking about the wedding, I’m thinking about long term for my health and happiness.
A dress was delivered this week that I’m hoping to wear on my holiday to Cyprus in 7 weeks time. I will use that as my target and try it on each week 🙂
This week I’ve enjoyed running, personal training sessions and swimming – all that in five days! I need to keep it up and make it a habit 🙂
So it’s now Friday evening and I’ve sent my boyfriend to the shops to pick us up some salmon & greens – not your typical Friday night fun but my new way of life ❤
The weekend will be my first hurdle but I will let you know how I'm getting on on Sunday, along with my first weigh-in! eek!



Yes you read that right…. eating!! I juice fasted for 3 days but yesterday it broke me and yesterday evening I had a small dinner of salmon, greens and asparagus. I’m not going to look at this like I’ve failed- I’m going to look at this as a new challenge. To contiune what i’m doing with juicing in my life but change my goal to “eat clean” for the next 20 days and beyond! I will keep you updated on how I do and my weight loss at the end of each week.
I broke for two reasons, one because I was feeling very weak and actually feeling starving at points and two because of the info in the papers that a juice only diet could have led to Peaches death.
so. I’m still feeling good and determined and i’m going to kick this fat’s ass!!!

Hardest day so far


Well yesterday was my hardest day so far…
I started off the day with an early morning personal training session. I felt more energetic than I’ve done in a long time and felt like I was able to push myself harder. So big tick there…
After personal training i’m always really hungry though so this was a bit of a struggle but I got through it. It was especially nice that I was allowed a tiny bit of yogurt in my lunch juice.
Late afternoon I felt very tired and drained. I had serious withdrawal symptoms. All i could think about was food and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I felt a bit pants as I hate being really lazy but I spent most of the evening in the bath and bed. I was meant to go and see a friend but didn’t have the energy. Not good but i ploughed through.

Woken up today still feeling a bit weak but ready to take on day 4. Last time I stopped after day 3 – which was silly as apparently you don’t feel the true “juicing feeling” until day 4 has passed so I will keep on going and fingers crossed I stop craving food/feeling weak ASAP!!!

I have a created a list on my phone with reasons why I’m doing this. I haven’t felt like reaching for food yet but if that time comes, I know that list is sitting there making me realise what the whole point of this is.

Sad news that Peaches Geldof’s died on Monday with cause of death unknown. The Daily Mail yesterday speculated that it could be her diet of vegetable juices only and it sent her body into cardiac arrest.. not sure if I believe that but bit scary if there is any truth in it!

Anyway, here’s to day 4


Juice, Sleep, Crave, Repeat…


Day 2 of my juicing fast…!
Woke up feeling a little weak but ok. Overall the day was ok but again the later part of the day was the hardest. 3-7pm is without a doubt my hardest time each day so far.
I went for a run/walk with my friend and it probably wasn’t the best idea as I did feel quite weak and nauseous at points but glad I did it as I’ve read that exercise is a great way to remove toxins from your body while doing this.
In the evening Lee’s parents visited us and I asked Lee to make the tea & coffee as I didn’t want to be tempted. I’m not a huge tea & coffee drinker but I would even see that as a treat at the moment!
They were interested in the juicing and we even watched the whole of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with them again! (I’ve watched it 4 times now in one week!!) Bit sad really haha
So day 2 was a success and I didn’t even have my final treat of apple & cinnamon in the evening. It just got too late and I didn’t really feel like I needed it – very surprising!

Roll on Day 3 xx


First day of Fasting!


So.. my juicing fast has begun!

Saturday afternoon I popped to the shops to purchase fruit & veg galore ready to detox my body. I was amazed at the amount of people who were staring at my health-filled trolley and we even had a few comments from people. “Are you having a cocktail party tonight?”

Saturday night I went out for my final “meal” and had a nice turkish with a friend. Not going to discuss that too much as already it’s making my mouth water just thinking about it………..

So anyway Sunday morning came – Sunday 6th April 2014.. the day i’m going to change my life.
I woke up after quite a bad night’s sleep – not the ideal way i wanted to begin this detox but hey-ho i’ve made the promise to myself now.
My fiance Lee decided to take part with me – he isn’t overweight but was also inspired by the Joe Cross film and wanted to support me – bless him 🙂

I decided to follow Jason Vale’s 7lb in 7 days plan. Two juices down and we were feeling ok (8am and 11am) I must admit I did spend Sunday a lot differently to how I usually would. In fact, we stayed indoors all day watching films – i can’t remember the last time I did that. I think I was too scared to go into the outside world and be tempted by something.

2pm Juice check and feeling fine 🙂
And then it hit me… 3pm!
3pm hurt – i started feeling all the withdrawal symptoms i’d read about – headache, light headed, tired. I suddenly realised that maybe these first few days weren’t going to be such a walk in the park that it looked!

I had my 4th Juice an hour earlier then i was feeling pretty rubbish. To make things worse, Lee “broke”. He realised he needed his food and made himself a bowl of soup and a sandwich. He was very sweet though and ate it away from me. I don’t blame him though. In fact, I was worried about him doing it as he has an active job and he needs to eat.

So i kept on.. i juiced on… and went to bed that night with a very comforting warm apple & cinnamon juice. I slept like a baby – which was lovely 🙂

I’ve woken up this morning feeling pretty out of it but not feeling as desperate I was yesterday.. just dreading that 3pm moment happening again…

On the plus side, I got on the scales this morning and i’ve dropped 3lbs! 🙂 3lbs in one day!

This has given me the motivation to carry on


A big challenge…

From this Sunday the 6th April, I’m going to take on the biggest challenge of my life.

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and with just 6 months to go until my wedding – i know that now is the time!


From Sunday I will eat/drink nothing but juice for 25 days. (until May 1st)

I’ve been stuck in a poisonous circle of food addiction for approx. one year now and like most addicts (smokers/alcoholics) the thing I need to do is go tee-total. So i’m quitting food! For 25 days.

I’ve been inspired by two people. Firstly my best friend’s, sister’s, husband’s friend’s (phew!) had this posted on the reboot with joe website this week (link below) – what an inspiration!

 I have also watched the documentary/film by Joe Cross called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and it’s made me really take a step back and look at the way i treat myself and my body.

I have done a three day juice detox before and although it was tough, it wasn’t impossible so I know i can do it.

I’m going to write on here every day to keep me motivated so here i go! Wish me luck 🙂