A big challenge…

From this Sunday the 6th April, I’m going to take on the biggest challenge of my life.

I’ve been thinking about this for weeks and with just 6 months to go until my wedding – i know that now is the time!


From Sunday I will eat/drink nothing but juice for 25 days. (until May 1st)

I’ve been stuck in a poisonous circle of food addiction for approx. one year now and like most addicts (smokers/alcoholics) the thing I need to do is go tee-total. So i’m quitting food! For 25 days.

I’ve been inspired by two people. Firstly my best friend’s, sister’s, husband’s friend’s (phew!) had this posted on the reboot with joe website this week (link below) – what an inspiration!

 I have also watched the documentary/film by Joe Cross called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and it’s made me really take a step back and look at the way i treat myself and my body.

I have done a three day juice detox before and although it was tough, it wasn’t impossible so I know i can do it.

I’m going to write on here every day to keep me motivated so here i go! Wish me luck 🙂




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