Juice, Sleep, Crave, Repeat…


Day 2 of my juicing fast…!
Woke up feeling a little weak but ok. Overall the day was ok but again the later part of the day was the hardest. 3-7pm is without a doubt my hardest time each day so far.
I went for a run/walk with my friend and it probably wasn’t the best idea as I did feel quite weak and nauseous at points but glad I did it as I’ve read that exercise is a great way to remove toxins from your body while doing this.
In the evening Lee’s parents visited us and I asked Lee to make the tea & coffee as I didn’t want to be tempted. I’m not a huge tea & coffee drinker but I would even see that as a treat at the moment!
They were interested in the juicing and we even watched the whole of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with them again! (I’ve watched it 4 times now in one week!!) Bit sad really haha
So day 2 was a success and I didn’t even have my final treat of apple & cinnamon in the evening. It just got too late and I didn’t really feel like I needed it – very surprising!

Roll on Day 3 xx



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