Hardest day so far


Well yesterday was my hardest day so far…
I started off the day with an early morning personal training session. I felt more energetic than I’ve done in a long time and felt like I was able to push myself harder. So big tick there…
After personal training i’m always really hungry though so this was a bit of a struggle but I got through it. It was especially nice that I was allowed a tiny bit of yogurt in my lunch juice.
Late afternoon I felt very tired and drained. I had serious withdrawal symptoms. All i could think about was food and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. I felt a bit pants as I hate being really lazy but I spent most of the evening in the bath and bed. I was meant to go and see a friend but didn’t have the energy. Not good but i ploughed through.

Woken up today still feeling a bit weak but ready to take on day 4. Last time I stopped after day 3 – which was silly as apparently you don’t feel the true “juicing feeling” until day 4 has passed so I will keep on going and fingers crossed I stop craving food/feeling weak ASAP!!!

I have a created a list on my phone with reasons why I’m doing this. I haven’t felt like reaching for food yet but if that time comes, I know that list is sitting there making me realise what the whole point of this is.

Sad news that Peaches Geldof’s died on Monday with cause of death unknown. The Daily Mail yesterday speculated that it could be her diet of vegetable juices only and it sent her body into cardiac arrest.. not sure if I believe that but bit scary if there is any truth in it!

Anyway, here’s to day 4



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