Taking one day at a time


I must say I’m really enjoying looking after my body more and this week has definitely been a good start to the rest of my life. I’m thinking about the whole process of eating rather than just shovelling food into my gob (like usual). I’m thinking of my digestive system so chewing slower and not wanting to clog it with crap food!
Yesterday I socialised twice in the evening without it involving food which was perfect! I went swimming with my sister and had my sister in law and baby nephew around for drinks, chats and cuddles!
I really hope I can continue with my healthy eating mission – I’m not just thinking about the wedding, I’m thinking about long term for my health and happiness.
A dress was delivered this week that I’m hoping to wear on my holiday to Cyprus in 7 weeks time. I will use that as my target and try it on each week πŸ™‚
This week I’ve enjoyed running, personal training sessions and swimming – all that in five days! I need to keep it up and make it a habit πŸ™‚
So it’s now Friday evening and I’ve sent my boyfriend to the shops to pick us up some salmon & greens – not your typical Friday night fun but my new way of life ❀
The weekend will be my first hurdle but I will let you know how I'm getting on on Sunday, along with my first weigh-in! eek!


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